Hong Kong

Ming Pao Daily News was founded on 20 May 1959. It has the mission and long-standing editorial direction to present comprehensive, objective and bias-free coverage and analyses on political and economic issues in Hong Kong, mainland China and the world for more than 60 years. This philosophy of journalism has successfully won the support of over 400,000 readers. The readership mostly comprises of the middle-class population with education income levels higher than the average in Hong Kong. Most of the readership are professional, management members and corporate decision-makers.

Ming Pao Daily News has been well recognized by the media industry over the years. In the past 20 years, Ming Pao Daily News received numerous awards as presented by the Newspaper Society of Hong Kong, making it the holder of the most journalists’ awards amongst Chinese language newspapers in Hong Kong.


Founded in 1966, Ming Pao Monthly specialises in cultural and academic topics. It features authoritative articles contributed by both local and overseas renowned scholars and experts with an aim to provoke readers’ thoughts.
Over the past five decades, Ming Pao Monthly has maintained its impartiality and has always adhered to the editorial principles of “Independence, Freedom and Tolerance”. Well recognised and supported by academics and various sectors, Ming Pao Monthly has become a preferred publication for professionals, influential people and leaders of our societies.


Founded in 1987, Yazhou Zhoukan is the first Chinese language international affairs newsweekly. Yazhou Zhoukan reports the Chinese perspectives of all international issues from political, economic and cultural aspects. It features regular contributors and journalists from around the world and it is the best medium to keep up to date with the global Chinese diaspora.

Readers of Yazhou Zhoukan are mainly in Hong Kong, Mainland China, Taiwan, Malaysia and Singapore. The majority of readers belong to the middle class with relatively high incomes and educational level. Most of them are senior management personnel and entrepreneurs.


Since its establishment in 1986, Ming Pao Publications has been publishing over a thousand popular titles for the Chinese readers. There are four book publishers under Ming Pao Publications: Crystal Window Books, Ming Man Publications, Ming’s Readers Publisher and Siu Ming Creation. They publish numerous books with a broad range of cultural and leisure topics which are well received by readers.

In recent years, Ming Pao Publications has been upgrading its electronic platform in order to nurture enjoyment of reading and to bring pleasant e-shopping experience to the readers.


Ming Pao Education Publications was established in 2010. It publishes Liberal Studies textbooks for secondary school in both printed and digital versions. It has also developed a number of e-learning platforms and materials. Its aim is to enhance students’ learning ability and to support learning and teaching by providing quality service.

To support the STEM Education and the Life Planning Education that are promoted by the Hong Kong Government in recent years, Ming Pao Education Publications has also launched various services and publications which have been widely adopted by schools in Hong Kong.


Established in 1987, Charming Holidays is a famous travel agency in Hong Kong. Its business spans across North America with branches in various cities including Los Angeles, San Francisco, New York, Vancouver and Toronto.
Charming Holidays has won the support of numerous major airlines for joint tours to different destinations. Apart from popular long-haul trips, Charming Holidays also offers a broad range of services including study tours and business group tours. All these trips and services have been enthusiastically received.