Magazines Publishing

Founded in 1966, Ming Pao Monthly specialises in cultural and academic topics. It features authoritative articles contributed by both local and overseas renowned scholars and experts with an aim to provoke readers’ thoughts.
Over the past five decades, Ming Pao Monthly has maintained its impartiality and has always adhered to the editorial principles of “Independence, Freedom and Tolerance”. Well recognised and supported by academics and various sectors, Ming Pao Monthly has become a preferred publication for professionals, influential people and leaders of our societies.


Founded in 1987, Yazhou Zhoukan is the first Chinese language international affairs newsweekly. Yazhou Zhoukan reports the Chinese perspectives of all international issues from political, economic and cultural aspects. It features regular contributors and journalists from around the world and it is the best medium to keep up to date with the global Chinese diaspora.

Readers of Yazhou Zhoukan are mainly in Hong Kong, Mainland China, Taiwan, Malaysia and Singapore. The majority of readers belong to the middle class with relatively high incomes and educational level. Most of them are senior management personnel and entrepreneurs.


Xing Xing Xue Tang is a children’s reading section in Sin Chew Daily launched in 2020 for children aged 10 to 12. It features stories, student’s articles and comics twice weekly. Teachers are encouraged to use Xing Xing Xue Tang’s audio stories and reading guides to assist and interact with students. Students can preserve the stories as newspaper clipping. Xing Xing Xue Tang’s scrapbook competition is a yearly major event for students to present their newspaper clipping in form of scrapbook.